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About Spindletop Roller Girls


Spindletop Roller Girls

Spindletop Roller Girls are the original flat-track women’s roller derby league based in Beaumont, Texas. Founded in 2008, and first bouting in 2010, Spindletop Roller Girls is made up of all kinds of women from all over Southeast Texas. From housewives to professionals and every-woman in between, Spindletop Roller Girls takes to heart WFTDA’s motto of ‘by the skaters, for the skaters’.

Each member of our league works together in numerous ways to make our league a success each year. Spindletop Roller Girls is comprised of athletes from all levels of ability. From our Wreck League to our All Stars, Spindletop Roller Girls is committed to fostering league unity, developing amateur athletes for competition, representing SETX in competition on a national level, and promoting the physical and mental strength and independent spirit of amateur female athletes.



Women’s Flat Track Derby Association

The Spindletop Roller Girls are a proud member of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association since 2010. Founded in 2004, the WFTDA promotes and fosters the sport of women’s flat track derby by facilitating the development of athletic ability, sportswomanship, and goodwill among member leagues. The governing philosophy is “by the skaters, for the skaters.” Women skaters are primary managers and operators of each member league and of the association. Operational tasks include setting standards for rules, seasons, and safety, and determining guidelines for the national and international athletic competitions of member leagues.  WFTDA



Spindletop Roller Girls is a registered charitable organization in Texas and is exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


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The Spindletop Roller Girls are proud members of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association.

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