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Spindletop Roller Girls

Spindletop Roller Girls Wildcatters work hard to provide top-notch officiating for our bouts. Our Wildcatters maintain their fitness and skating skills by working out with the team, and they train each week at team practices to hone their skills. They work hard to stay on top of the latest rules and procedures through communication with the WFTDA and other officials in our region, and by participating in as a many bouts, tournaments and special training weekends as they can.

Though our officials are associated with our league, officials also have the opportunity to travel and officiate for other leagues, in tournaments and other roller derby events. Most of our Wildcatters are either WFTDA Certified, or working towards certification. Being a WFTDA official is not a just a job, it is a privilege and mark of excellence for derby officials.

Two Kinds of Officials WFTDA bouts require two kinds of officials, those on skates (Skating Officials) and those off skates (Non-Skating Officials, or NSOs). Both kinds require commitment, rules knowledge and the proper mindset.

Skating Officials Spindletop Roller girls Wildcatters referees are expected to be able to approach the skating standards of a WFTDA certified official. Please download the requirements linked below. If you do not feel comfortable performing any of these actions, please do attend Monday Wreck league where you can attend introductory training sessions to improve your skating skills. Also, skate as much as you can, at skate rinks, the Beaumont Skate Park, and on the street.

Non-Skating Officials Spindletop Roller Girls Wildcatters NSOs are held to similar standards as our skating officials and skaters. Please download the relevant sections of the WFTDA rules officiating handbook below. We expect new NSOs to come into their first practice with at least a little bit of derby know-how, however we will train even the unfamiliar. Spindletop Roller Girl’s NSOs represent our league at local games and travel with the team for out of town games. They also have the opportunity to represent Spindletop Roller girls with our Referees at tournaments and officials-only events throughout the USA.

Getting Started To get started, contact our Referee/NSO Coordinator.


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The Spindletop Roller Girls are proud members of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association.

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